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Horseback Riding

Here you may ride as much or as little as you want. We have some slower horses and some friskier ones. It all depends on what your skills and preferences are.

Our horses are mostly Lusitanos (the Portuguese equivalent of the Spanish Andalusian horse)and Mangalargas, a Brazilian saddle breed with a comfortable gait.

We have a very nice dressage trained Lusitano stallion. He is well trained and obedient and is a pleasure to ride, especially in local parades, where his showy manner makes him an attraction. We also breed him with our Lusitano mares.

Trail Riding

The mares are also great parade horses and we usually take them on our trail rides. Often they are nursing foals and the sight of the youngsters playfully running along with us is something we never seem to get tired of.

Some of the trail horses are Brazilian Mangalargas, the most popular saddle breed for this part of Brazil. They are docile horses with exceptionally smooth gaits.

We have a riding/training ring if you want to try out your mount before a trail ride or if you want to help us train one.

Scenic Views and Wildlife

Most guests prefer our leisurely trail rides enjoying lovely scenic views along the many rural paths (dirt roads) that connect one farm to another. Sometimes we encounter wildlife such as capivaras, raccoons, a wild cat, and lots of birds such as owls and siri-emas (roadrunners).

We pass through plantations of coffee and sugarcane, corn and soybeans, hayfields, eucalyptus plantations and pastures full of white Brahman cattle. We visit the old chapels and coffee storage buildings from Brazil's rural past.

The gallopers can go on ahead and the rest of us will catch up later.

We also ride down to the river and through a shallow part of it. You don't have to get your feet wet if you don't want to. The adventurers will come back eventually if we just wait for them on our side of the ford.

Riding horses through river

Waterfall pond


We have a nice waterfall in our private natural reserve.

It's a great place to cool off on those hot summer days.

River Activities

We are bordered by the beautiful and unpolluted Paranapanema River with its clear emerald colored water. You may fish, swim or kayak in it or in the stocked Tilapia ponds.

Contact with the Animals

You may help us care for the goats and sheep, learn to milk cows the old-fashioned way, or help to drive our Brahman cattle.

We regularly have newborn calves and foals, lambs and kids to care for.

Guided Tours

We offer regular guided horseback rides around the farm and to neighboring farms. During these leisurely rides we can give you a lot of interesting information about farm life and farming operations here in our little corner of Brazil. If you don't care to ride, we can take you around in our horse drawn cart or by car.

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