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Laranjal Guest Ranch and Equestrian Vacation

horses riding

Ride with us over Rural Roads and Trails, through Tropical Forests and Sugar and Coffee Plantations.

Enjoy 10,000 acres of Pastures, Hills and Valleys. Our Cowboys will show you the Best Places to Ride.

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The Guest Ranch

Horses in pasture


Enjoy the gracious lifestyle of Brazil's rural past. Vacation here in a comfortable old Coffee Plantation House.

You will be accommodated with us in the original plantation house, a sprawling structure built in the early 1940's of local stone and brick.
This Brazilian colonial style house with a wrap around varanda is set up high and overlooks pastures and farm buildings.

The present day Laranjal Guest Ranch, owned and operated by a Brazilian-American family, combines much of the past with modern day comforts.


The Working Ranch

Here you will find a real working ranch and coffee farm.

We raise Brahman cattle, horses, sheep and a some milk goats.

Vangogh Working with Sheep Coffee Tree with Beans

The Paranapanema River

We are privileged to be located in a very lovely region of the state of Parana
and on the banks of the beautiful and unpolluted Paranapanema River.

The river provides an alternative to riding. You may fish, swim or kayak in the clear emerald water.

Horseback riding

We take full advantage of our location and offer scenic horseback rides along the rural dirt roads that connect one farm to another.

During these leisurely rides we visit local historical attractions and observe wildlife and plantations of coffee, sugarcane, soybeans, and green pastures full of white Brahman cattle.




Spending time on a ranch in South America is not your run of the mill vacation. Everything is different from back home, the language, the food, the culture, the climate.

Here you may ride a frisky horse, rope a cow, kayak in the river or climb the waterfall.

We welcome your help if you'd like to make yourself useful. We can always use extra hands for vaccinating, tagging and driving the animals. If loading hay or driving a tractor is your thing, we're game.

Eco Tourism

If you want to explore the woods looking for orchids, bromeliads, lizards or other wildlife, we have miles of forest full of rocks and streams and waterfalls to get lost in.

You can follow our trails or take off on your own... We have created here on the farm a small private nature reserve and will be working to improve it planting missing native species, trying to restore a small part of the Atlantic Rainforest.


Brazilian Food

You don't have to be always "up and at 'em".

We will feed you great Brazilian meals like feijoada and churrasco.

We have an organic vegetable garden for the freshest vegetables and manioc. We produce our own milk and eggs and we like to try our hand at homemade jams, cheese and preserves.

We have our own beekeeping operation to produce honey. We serve free range chicken and turkey and always have our own lamb on the menu. We serve a Brazilian dessert with every home cooked meal.

Brazilian Music and Singing


We like relaxing on the varanda and getting to know our guests. We serve local beer and wine and make you caipirinhas for the real Brazilian experience.

If you speak some Portuguese you can practice here. We are native English speakers and are bilingual but most of the staff speaks only Portuguese so you'll have plenty of chance to see if you can communicate. If you don't speak at all it won't be a handicap because we'll always be available if you need us.

And while we're all sitting around relaxing we can help you get acquainted with the real lifestyle of this part of the world.

We will play Brazilian music for you and we can talk politics and tell you about coffee harvests and what's up in Brazilian agriculture and social changes and help you go back home with some real knowledge about what life in Brazil is all about.


If you are traveling in Brazil, spend a few days off the beaten track here with us and get to know the non-touristy side of the country. We are flexible and short-stayers and last-minute guests are welcome.

We are on the way between Rio or Sao Paulo and the Iguassu Falls or Pantanal. We are driving distance from the spectacular caves of the Alto do Ribeira National Park ín the Atlantic Rainforest.

In Brazil for Work

Spend a weekend (or longer) here with us away from the pollution and crime you find in the big cities. Bring your family. Relax and enjoy Rural Brazil at it's Best. If you absolutely have to work, we have a new and fast internet cconnection you can use and a VOIP phone for free calls to the US or Canada.

Kids Love it Here

They experience the natural world in a natural way. The chickens and turkeys lay eggs. Eggs hatch! Milk comes from a cow not a jug. They can even help milk the cows. Baby lambs or goats are always around and often drink from bottles.

We have ponies to ride, small friendly donkeys too, and a pony cart. Older kids can ride the big horses if they like and go kayaking in the river, exploring in the woods, and fishing in the ponds.

Share a week here with your kids. It's a vacation they will always remember.

Come Visit us in Brazil -- It's easier than you think.

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