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We take our meal preparation very seriously.

All our meals are prepared right here in our kitchen and served family style in our dinng room.

Brazilians like their food well seasoned and we use a lot of garlic, onion, olive oil and herbs from our garden.



Most of our breakfast foods are made right here on the farm: homemade breads and rolls, jams, honey, yogurt, cheese, milk, fresh eggs and of course our own coffee, roasted and brewed on the farm.

We also offer exotic fresh fruit in season and fresh squeezed orange juice or fruit smoothies.

We have no set time for breakfast... you may wander in anytime between 7:00 AM and lunch


Brazilians still eat their largest and most elaborate meal at this time of the day.

We always serve rice and beans, the Brazilian staple, well seasoned with onions and garlic and olive oil.

To accompany them, we have a meat dish, beef, roast pork or lamb or Tilapia from our ponds.

We serve cooked vegetables and yucca (manioc) from our organic garden or buy from local growers and always have a green salad.

You will have a chance to try feijoada (Brazil's famous black bean stew).

We serve an elaborate Churrasco ( the Brazilian barbeque which is now becoming famous in most large cities around the world) with lots of different meats and fried manioc.

We make a spicy Tilapia moqueca in a clay pot, the recipe borowed from Brazil's northeast.


Our Brazilian desserts are much appreciated by our guests. We try to have something new and different each day.

Sometimes we have "pudim", a tasty flan made from fresh eggs and milk. Another favorite is "manjar" a full bodied pudding made from cornstarch and coconut milk with a prune sauce topping. We have our own recipe for "arroz doce" a creamy rice pudding with raisins served warm. The house favorite is passion fruit or lemon mousse. And sometimes we have "Key Lime Pie".

We always have fresh fruit available for dieters and of course dessert is not finished until after we have our "cafezinho", Brazilian expresso.



Dinner is traditionally the lighter meal. Sometimes we serve it quite late depending on the guests' preferences and the activity schedule for that day. We usually serve soup, salads, sandwiches, or pasta, accompanied by wine, liquors, or cocktails on the veranda.

Locally Produced Food

We try to introduce you to as many new fruits, vegetables and juices as we can. South America has an amazing array of wonderful flavors. Depending on the season we can get oranges, limes, passion fruit, melon, guava, papaya, apples, pineapple, cashew, jabuticaba, star fruit, kiwi, strawberry, tangerine, coconut, persimmon, fig, manioc, heart of palm as well as mangos, avocados, and more varieties of banana than you ever knew existed! Some are great as juice, some eaten whole, or you can experiment mixing them in smoothies!

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